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This website(Assamese Dictionary) of the institution named Aadarxa Software Home is built to provide information about their products, provide contact information and direct downloading facilities. Aadarxa Software Home is such a software development  institution where, high quality software in Assamese language are being developed and are being placed before customers at reasonable prices. By this institution,  Aadarxa Bilingual Dictionary, a very advanced software Assamese  dictionary is being presented for the users. Its technical operations are comparable to the  Concise Oxford Dictionary.



Other Features

Apart from the dictionary searching facility the software has some other features too. Among these, Fakara-Jojana (Proverbs) with proper explanation, Wrong and Correct word checking facility, Picture searching facility, Name words and their meaning searching facility, Assamese grammar, etc.

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About Us

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Without any intention to convert the hard efforts put in this project into a sympathy seeking story, we would like to state that it has indeed been a gruelling saga.

It all started in the year 2010.

After two years of hard effort directed by single mindedness, on 28th of April 2012, we were able to release our first software “Xahaz-Xandhaan Axamiyaa Abhidhaan” (সহজ-সন্ধান অসমীয়া অভিধান), in Guwahati Press club. (Then the current organisation was not there).

Later on, this dictionary software was converted into a bilingual (Assamese-English) one.

With users telling one another about the software, it gradually gained popularity among the people, which provided the main plank of our progress and growth.

For endowing this software with the best of perfection, we delved into the minutest of the details, putting up all the hard work possible from our quarters.

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